Tue, 4 May 2021

Xbox Series X FPS Boosts coming to over 70 Xbox One game titles 


The Xbox Series X is known for its impressive performance and the ability to hit more than 30 frames per second in video games. In some games, the console even crossed the 60 FPS barrier, and now, Xbox Series X's game FPS boost feature is being added to over 70 game titles from the Xbox One. With this, the total number of games that support high frame rates, and get a 'boost' has touched 97 titles.

To recall, FPS boost is a next generation feature on the Xbox Series consoles. It allows certain Xbox One games to run on increased framerates, thereby giving the player a better gaming experience. Earlier, there were about 20 games which supported the feature. The functionality has been extended to more than 70 titles now. 

Which games can you play with increased FPS on the Xbox Series X?

Of the total 97 games which take advantage of FPS boost feature on the Xbox Series X, some of the games should come as no surprise to gamers. These games include titles such as Alien Isolation, Yakuza 6, Metro: Last Light, Dirt 4, Wasteland 3, and Watch Dogs. These are some good games that will certainly lend the player a new level of immersion as the game runs on increased frame rates. Incidentally, you can check out the full list of games here

To make the most out of your Xbox One games on your Xbox Series X consoles, ensure that your systems are up to date. You will need the latest software updates to play the games at increased FPS. Also, in some games, the FPS Boost option is on by default, while in others, you will have to toggle it manually, so check the settings before you jump into the game itself.

Overall, it is great to see that Microsoft is providing backwards compatibility with older titles, and with better experiences for players.