Wed, 5 May 2021

Watch Dogs Legion gets massive 37GB update; adds mind control and DJs to the game 


In its first title update, Ubisoft's latest AAA title, Watch Dogs Legion has received a slew of new content additions. These range from new co-op missions, new operatives to recruit, enhanced and advanced abilities and lots more content for the season pass holders. The update itself can set you back by 19GB to 37GB, depending on what platform you're playing on. 

Aptly named "Title Update 4.0", the game adds loads of new content, so let's take a look at what it has to offer. 

New Gameplay Content

To diversify and enhance the gameplay opportunities in the game, two new classes, each with their own skillsets have been added to the game. These are DJs and First Responder professions, which you can use to expand on the DedSec team you already have.

The DJ class gets a sick soundwave Killer Beat, which enables short cooldowns and high damage, along with a Feedback Loop, which stuns enemies nearby. The First Responders on the other hand get more direct abilities- a Hydraulic Rescue Tool, which is a heavy melee weapon and a shield. 

To keep the gameplay fresh, some operatives have new abilities. These are 

  • Pickpocket: Operatives can earn currency on each takedown
  • Second Wind: Operatives quickly regain health when defeating enemies
  • Wanted: Albion or Clan Kelley enemies will attack upon detection anywhere in London
  • Hoarder: Operatives can loot and carry more ammo
  • Stuntman: Operatives take less damage from falls, explosions, and collisions with vehicles

New Customization options

In the online and single-player campaign of the game, players will now be able to customize their operatives, including hairstyles, hair colour, tattoos and more kinds of little things. You can do this in single player, or co-op mode, and have a truly unique experience with your operative. 

Additions to online mode

Speaking of online gameplay, there are new co-op missions for you and your friends to check out. There are 3 new co-op missions and 5 new solo assignments with their own storylines and characters. In the online mode, you can now also set waypoints to other players and your friends. There are also 2 new gadgets in the online mode. These are the mounted shield and the guardian drone.

Season Pass Exclusive Content

If you have a season pass for Watch Dogs Legion, there's something wacky coming your way. Season Pass holders will gain access to a new playable hero character, Mina Sidhu. In the patch notes, the developers describe her as "Mina Sidhu now wields the power of mind control and can take full control of an enemy with her Mind Control Device, the OMNI Optik. She is also equipped with a Mental Blast that can disrupt nearby enemies."

Mina’s Abilities:

  • OMNI Optik: Mind Control Device (take full control of an enemy)
  • Mental Blast: Disrupt Nearby Enemies
  • OMNI Recharge: Takedowns Reset OMNI Optik

Incidentally, season pass holders will also be able to play a new DedSec stories mission called "Swipe Right", which is a neat addition to the game. 

Apart from that, the update fixes a whole range of bugs and minor issues with the game. You can check the patch notes for the full list of bug fixes and mechanical changes.