Tue, 20 Apr 2021

Valorant streamer Solista banned for cheating on live stream

Valorant streamer Solista banned for cheating on live stream

Ranking up in Valorant is a slippery slope. A popular Valorant streamer named 'Solista' tried to get around the straight path and tried hacking his way up, but he got caught during the livestream.

Riot's Vanguard system is one of the best anti-cheats out there and is working successfully to win the hearts of the community by their constant bans. Vanguard starts executing along with the kernel during the start of your desktop but only bans players actively hacking or due to any other violations, a few players have also been caught getting banned on live streams. The same case was here with 'Solista' a well known streamer who left a few professional players speechless, while a few saw him get too good too quickly and found it suspicious. 

Radiant ranked streamer played a ranked game on the map Split, when his post-plant round froze with red screen of death and 'Hacker Detected' was written in capital and bold along the ban notice 'User has been banned from playing Valorant for using third-party software to gain an edge over enemies. While the streamer looked surprised while saying 'What Really?' in response to the ban.

The clip where Solista was caught cheating went viral among popular Valorant streamers as well as few professional Valorant players. Solista reached Radiant rank in the previous Act while he was also seen playing along with Michael 'Shroud' Grzsiek.

Reaching Radiant in Valorant is not that easy, it requires hours worth of grind and a lot of practice to win against equally skilled players. The fact that Solis ta was once at 65th place on Radiant leaderboards in North America region without getting a ban or without his cheats getting detected, the community is upset with Riot Games as a cheater walked on his toes without getting detected by Vanguard.

Shroud's sarcastic comment on Solista's Gameplay

Solista was a well known streamer while he was also Radiant with a 65th placement on the leaderboard he has shared lobbies with several Valorant professionals as well as streamers. The currently banned player queued a radiant game with shroud, where he was praised by a lot of viewers for landing insane shots where he also received a pat on the back from Shroud himself, who was more than impressed by Solista's gameplay with his Guardian.

However, Shroud's decade long experience in FPS Gaming didn't let the cheater pass through. 'I was really inspired by that Guardian player. In a few years he'll be either in a pro scene or banned" were the exact words used by shroud judging Solista's fishy gameplay.