Mon, 16 Nov 2020

PUBG Mobile could come back to India on November 20, says Kronten

PUBG Mobile could come back to India on November 20, says Kronten

PUBG Mobile fans in India have become really hyped after PUBG Mobile India has released a teaser advertisement on all their social media handles featuring popular Indian PUBG Mobile players like Dynamo, Kronten, Jonathan, and Ghatak.

The teaser packs scenes of PUBG Mobile India celebrities in a house with the phrases “missing the excitement?”, “missing the pan?”, “missing the thrill?” and “missing the chicken dinner?” appearing on screen. This is followed by a 'Coming Soon' message giving fans a ray of hope.

PUBG Mobile could come back to India on November 20, says Kronten

It looks like PUBG Mobile India may launch latest by November 20 according to Kronten.

Kronten, the owner of Team Godlike who was also featured in the teaser advertisement yesterday on his stream said, “The teaser was released today, the trailer will come out by tomorrow. In that trailer, PUBG Mobile India’s release date will be clearly mentioned. The game is likely to appear on the Play Store and App Store by November 20. If the trailer releases tomorrow, it would be up for three or four days to create hype. So, the game will likely release on 18th, 19th, or 20th November.”

This is just speculation, so take it with some amount of scepticism, as nothing has been confirmed yet.

PUBG Mobile fans in India have been really excited since PUBG Corp announced that the game would be coming back to India in a new form that caters to maintaining privacy by conducting regular audits and verifications on the storage systems and offering a healthy gaming environment by customizing various aspects of the game for Indian Gamers.

PUBG Corp had also announced that it will be investing $100 million in India to cultivate the local video game, esports, entertainment, and IT industries.

A report from Times of India suggested that the launch of PUBG Mobile India may face hurdles from the government as sources from the government told Times of India that the government of India is considering relaxation only if PUBG Corporation addresses all the concerns raised irrespective of what PUBG Corporation has proposed earlier.