Mon, 24 May 2021

“We are not confident we got it right” on Slavery and Colonization part, says Victoria 3 developers in an Interview 


It was a period of some major change across multiple industries, social politics, technology and more but along with the positives, it had some uncomfortable subjects as well. Slavery and Colonization wasn't unique up to this period, but it did see some events like "Scramble for Africa", where European powers competed amongst each other to control the entire continent against the wishes of their local inhabitants.

After a recent interview of the Victoria 3 developers, Paradox Development. Not many details were revealed about the gameplay mechanics and strategies, but were willing to discuss the philosophy that went behind this beautiful strategy game.

“We want to represent all the history,” Victoria 3 game director Martin Anward explained. “We don’t want to represent just the nice parts of history, or parts that aren’t horrific. We are representing the entire world’s population. So for us to, for instance, write slavery out of the game, would mean that we are effectively writing [out] those people and their experiences, and all of what happened in history.”

“We try to treat it with as much respect as we possibly can,” Anward explains. “I feel it’s more respectful to say [slavery] happened. This happened to these people at this time, not that long ago, and to show it as the pretty horrific institution that it was."

“But also as the profitable institution that it was: not for the slaves, of course, but for the people who owned the plantations who want to keep this system because they’re benefiting from it.”

“We are not confident that we got it right,” he says. “There are going to be things that are controversial in the game. And there might be things that we have misrepresented, and we will be learning from that, and we will be adjusting going along. But obviously we can’t make a game about the socio-economic realities of the 19th century without including these things – that would be disrespectful.”

Victoria 3 is an upcoming strategy video-game published and developed by "The Paradox Interactive" and is a sequel to the 2010 version "Victoria 2." Though Victoria 3 was recently announced at PDXCON: Remixed 2021 on 21st May, which was earlier mocked by the community to never see an official release date by Paradox Interactive. 

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