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Wed, 11 Nov 2020

PUBG Mobile 1.1 Update features a new theme, game modes, and more

PUBG Mobile 1.1 Update features a new theme, game modes, and more

PUBG Mobile 1.1 update for the multiplayer battle royale game was rolled out on November 10. This update features a new Metro Royale mode, new theme, new in-game items, security content, and more.

Metro Royale mode was highly anticipated among the PUBG Mobile community and as a collaboration with Metro: Exodus, the Metrol Royale mode has been added into PUBG Mobile. Let's take a look at what more this update has to offer.

Metro Royale Mode

PUBG Mobile 1.1 Update features a new theme, game modes, and more

The Metro Royale mode features a completely different lobby independent of the standard battle royale mode in the game. This mode also brings features like the black market, loadout feature, and inventory.

The Metro Royale mode will take place on a modified version of Erangel and has bandit camps, NPC's and monsters who drop rewards when killed. Player can exchange these rewards through the Black Market to make custom loadouts. Gifts can be given to the NPC's who in turn, will provide you with essential supplies to help you throught the game.

The mode also features some unique equipment which includes thermal sights, night vision goggles, grenade launcher weapon attachments, heavy armor and armor attachments, and the Metro-series Tikhar air rifle.

New theme

The classic mode in the game has got a Metro Theme and a Winter Festival in the update which will run till the end of this year.

  • Metro Theme- Metro lines can be used to get around the map quickly and the Aurora steam train will appear on Spawn Island as a decorative piece.

  • Winter Festival- Follow the sheets of ice that cover the sea around Erangle to find the Winter Castle Paradise. You can start snowball fights, ride snowboards, and join in the festivities at the Winter Festival hut near Georgopol.

New features

The update also brings new items to the game like the Spike Trap which can be used to puncture tyres of any vehicle that passes over it. You can also throw melee weapons towards an enemy who is within 40 meters and then pick them up to use again.

The update also features some nerfs and buffs towards grenades. Frag Grenade will now deal 20% less damage, Stun Grenade effect will be triggered 0.7 seconds after hitting the ground and the range has been increased from 5m to 6.5m. Smoke Grenade effect will be triggered 1s after it hits the ground, Molotov Cocktail burn damage increased by 10 and burning range is reduced by 20%

You can read the entire patch notes for Update 1.1 here.

Players will also get rewards for updating the game between 10 November and 15 November. The rewards include -

  • 2888 BP

  • 100 AG

  • Thorn Trooper Backpack