Tue, 1 Jun 2021

Watch Dogs: Legion gets zombies with a new co-op game mode

Watch Dogs: Legion launched for Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Stadia

Zombies have made their way into Watch Dogs: Legion as the game received a new online PvE mode today called Legion of the Dead featuring hordes of zombies roaming the streets of London. This co-op mode is currently in the Alpha testing phase and is therefore available only for those who have Watch Dogs: Legion on PC.

In a new 20-minute gameplay video uploaded by IGN, we get a closer look at the Legion of the Dead game mode. You can either go solo or team with 3 other players in this game mode. The objective looks simple: You have to collect a minimum of 8 Supply Packages in about 25 minutes and safely get to the extraction zone to complete the mission.

You can't get in a car but you can control it

From the gameplay video, it seems like you can't get into a car but you can hack into one to ram it through the undead. Players might use this feature a lot as ammo is scarce and survival is key.

In Legion of the Dead, you can apparently revive your fallen teammates. But there might some kind of a timer on it so you might have to revive them quickly. Before starting the mission, you can purchase powerups like the M590 Shotgun and Missile Drone, or go for a random power-up if you're running low on the bucks. 

Legion of the Dead will be coming to console version with title update 4.5 today. The update will allow next-gen console users to play on 60 FPS. Additionally, a brand new Tactical Op is also being added to the game and it will be available on all platforms. 

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