Wed, 26 May 2021

Want to know more about esports? Join IEEF's ECHO Webinar and put your curiosity to rest

echo webinar

Esports is touching new heights not just in India, but all over the world. New organizations and teams are giving opportunities to esports enthusiasts to make their mark in the industry. But there are still those who are clueless as to how to get started and so, with the aim of helping such people, Inter Esports Exhibit Federation (IEEF) has come up with a platform called GameX. GameX is a First In Class, unique platform through which esports communities, groups, and individuals can communicate about the ins and outs of the esports and gaming ecosystem with those who already have a solid footing in the industry.

As a start, IEEF and GameX have organized a webinar called ECHO where prominent personalities from the Indian gaming community will come forward to share valuable thoughts and enlighten curious minds. The ECHO webinar will be free of cost and will take place on May 29, on IEEF's Discord channel. The webinar will feature the following personalities as guest speakers-

ECHO Webinar Guest Speakers

Mr. Arjun Suresh aka Satan (Founder- Blind Esports)

Vishal aka Evil ( Caster of free fire and Founder- Team Hind official)

Gamer Mayavi (Owner- CGN esports)

Dr. Sumeet Dahiya aka Maddog (Founder- RAG3 Official)

Mehul aka Famclasher (Youtuber, content creator)

Dr. Mitsu Chavda (Esports legal advisor)

Mann Jain aka TSG Mann

Aman Azad (Founder- Modelling Cops)

ECHO Registration

If you're interested, you can register by clicking on this link. You can learn more about the webinar on IEEF's Discord and Instagram handles. 

What is IEEF and GameX?

Inter Esports Exhibit Federation is an organization that checks the legitimacy of an esports tournament. With GameX, they are going global to help everyone clear their doubts about the esports industry. Through GameX, small and big businesses within the Indian esports ecosystem can grow and boost their productivity through promotions and marketing.

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