Mon, 12 Apr 2021

Valorant developer shares light on the agent ban feature

Valorant developer shares light on the agent ban feature

An agent ban phase is not coming to Valorant anytime soon, revealed by a Developer.

Ever since the release of Valorant in 2020, Valorant players have been talking about a feature that would allow you to ban a few agents of your choice something similar to what exists in Dota 2 and League of Legends. Though Dota and League has a variety of Characters to choose from which isn't the same case with Valorant as it came out with only 10 agents and with their plan to launch two agents every year, they are up to 15 Agents now with Astra being the recent one which lead people to think that a ban feature might come out soon, but Valorant Developer seems to have a different opinion here.

Valorant Game Designer, Nichlas Wu Smith clarified that the ban feature isn't on their cards for now, players can freely pick and main their desired agents for a few years until there are enough agents in the scene, they mentioned a 30 Agent mark is where they might think about taking that step.

"Maybe close to 30"  said Nick Wu when asked about a ban time frame.

Nick Wu further elaborated that developers are arguing if the agent ban phase is actually a requirement for now. Nick also mentioned that Valorant is a highly aggressive game, a ban phase would only be incorporated if it adds onto the game's competitive value.

"It also really depends on if we get as much good competition out of banning stuff versus other games," he added. "Other games ban, but is it actually better?"  

"We expect teams to have set plays and strategies that will require very specific Agents. Banning an Agent would invalidate that entire strategy. We want players who are exceptional at certain Agents to be able to play them and show off their skills with them," Said Nick wu, Game Designer for Valorant.

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