Fri, 16 Apr 2021

Valorant Silvanus skin collection is out now

Valorant Silvanus skin collection is out now

Get ready and load up your Valorant Points as Riot Games rolls out another amazing collection named 'Silvanus'. This new bundle includes both of the most used rifles- Phantom and Vandal and is similar to the previous bundle 'Winter Wunderland, Horizon and Nebula' judging from the looks of it, this one is better than any of those with dark aesthetic looks with shiny reflection.

This new Silvanus bundle has a spooky vibe to it which wasn't the case with any of the previous bundles, the previous collections had scenic themes like in Horizon or Holiday themes in the case of Winter Wunderland but the Silvanus collection here is a dark bluish night themed bundle with a shiny reflection of a haunted house in the snow that looks amazing, also with the previous collections focusing more on the Sniper and Secondary weapons, players are excited to try out the new Vandal and Phantom skins though the Silvanus bundle also includes skins for Operator, Stinger, Sheriff and the most used rifles being Vandal and Phantom.

Since the previous Infantry and Magepunk collections had no popular rifle skins, this one is all set to get some attention as it includes skins for the most used rifles.

Here's a list of skins that are included in the Silvanus Collection 

- Vandal (1275 VP)

- Phantom (1275 VP)

- Operator (1275 VP)

- Sheriff (1275 VP)

- Stinger (1275 VP)

This bundle is priced is at 4,775 VP that stands in the Deluxe Edition of the skins as this bundle doesn't include any kind of extra VFX or any kind of upgrades whatsoever. Each individual skin is priced at 1275VP.

Which is the most expensive Valorant skin bundle so far?

Riot Games brought a lot of cosmetics in-game through their collections while each of these collections had something special along with them let that be an upgrade or various colors and so on according to their tier.

The Elderflame collection is said to be an Ultra-Edition skin with a price tag of around $95 that is equivalent to 9,900 VP which is absolutely worth it when it comes to the look and feel of these Elderflame skins, with great looking color combinations to smooth and unique VFX to add-on more fun to the game.