Tue, 18 May 2021

Valorant Patch 2.10 Skipped, Patch 2.11 will come out in June 2021

Valorant Patch 2.10 Skipped, Patch 2.11 will come out in June 2021

Riot Games updates the community on their upcoming ideas with Valorant. They recently announced that Patch 2.10 will be skipped so that developers can update the game's engine and buy enough time for testing and stabilizing the Patch before it is rolled out, the next Patch 2.11 will come out around June 8th

Riot plans to buy "plenty of testing time and a stabilization period" before shipping out the major updates, so opting out for Patch 2.10 is a safe way to ensure sturdy servers and smooth updates for every player. The developers also want to avoid creating any kind of inconvenience in the forthcoming Valorant Champions Tour Masters Reykjavík which starts on May 24, just a day before the now cancelled "Patch 2.10" was supposed to go live. VCT Masters Reykjavík being Valorant's first International LAN Tournament it's a smart move to skip the patch than to cause some unexpected problem

The VCT Masters Reykjavík will be played on Patch 2.09 which just went live last week. Since there are no major or game breaking changes in this Patch 2.09 except for the much-needed Viper nerf that reduced the instant decay damage from Viper's Toxin to 30 from the previous 50 but also the Patch 2.09 brings some quality-of-life changes that should make observing mode more fluid and enjoyable, like adding team colors on agent abilities and improved visual synchronization of bullet tracers and much more.

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