Mon, 12 Apr 2021

Valorant Patch 2.07 details and patch notes leaked

Valorant Patch 2.07 details and patch notes leaked

The Upcoming Valorant Patch 2.07 is on its way and is said to be tweaking a few agents, buffing their abilities while also fixing some minor bugs.

Riot Games did release a patch buffing Viper and Yoru, trying to get these agents into the current Meta. Though it didn't work out quite well for them.  And since the previous update came out recently Players weren't expecting another one to hit so soon but according to a data miner the patch notes for the upcoming patch 2.07 has been leaked which suggests buffs for a few agents including Raze, Astra and Viper.

According to the leak, Raze will get a minor nerf to her satchel that might impact the map control and mobility of the agent. Raze is equipped with two Blast packs (Satchels) that help her jump around the map rapidly, gaining edge and momentum over her enemies. Though patch 2.07 will fix some overpowered satchel movements and bring her back to the ground while also giving sound indications of when Raze is above the ground using her satchels, along with that the developer also updated the Showstopper (Raze's ULT) VFX making it's less distracting during a fight.

Astra, the new agent here gets another crucial update onto her Gravity well, the new patch buffs up her Tornado that will suck agents around the AOE into the center despite the situation, that means any agent defusing or planting the spike during the tornado ability in use by Astra might be interrupted by it.

Along with these major changes, they also plan to bring out a few minor bug fixes that are currently in-game, e.g. Viper is currently experiecing a weird glitch that prevent players from killing a decaying agent with Marshal.

Apart from these changes and tweaks, they also finally patch-up the Yoru bug that has been around for a while where Yoru can plant the spike while being in the Invulnerable form (Yoru's ULT) This bug is spammed a lot even during ranked matches giving an unfair advantage, another minor bug where KillJoy's turret would break sage's Barrier Orb will also be patched in the 2.07 Update.