Fri, 16 Apr 2021

Valorant new map 'Breeze' teased by Riot Games

Valorant new map 'Breeze' teased by Riot Games

Valorant, since its release on 2nd June 2020 gained a lot of popularity, and the team behind the game was quick to develop their own esports ecosystem. Riot didn't just stop there with constant updates Riot Games are trying their best to bring a better competitive gaming experience for their users. Valorant was launched with a total of 3 maps while in open beta being Bind, Haven and Split during its official launch Ascent was the first map that was added into the game which turned out to be one of the best maps while Haven being one of the most fun and unique one bringing another site to defend and attack and the newest addition to the map pool was Icebox that came 

Riot Games has already teased 'Breeze' in many of their previous tweets, Easter eggs, and it has been confirmed by a few data miners that the work on the new map is already going on while a lot of other information about the map has made its way online. Breeze revolves around a tropical theme, a beach and some trees around.

Riot Games has always been adding a few Easter eggs about their new major updates, let that be an agent or a new map they tend to leave some clues around the battle pass levels in the form of a player card or a spray. In an earlier case, Yoru's Mask, KillJoy's turret, etc were discovered by the users in the previous battle pass before they were officially launched or even announced. This time, players noticed banners in Split and Bind being replaced with new fresh banners which were earlier also spotted in 'Valorant Agents of Romance'

Also in the previous Night Market update, the name 'Breeze' has been rubbed off again teasing their users with something here, all these dots can be connected together to further confirm that something is up there with Valorant, and we might get an official announcement soon.

With the release of this map, Valorant will have a map pool of 6 maps being Split, Bind, Ascent, Icebox, Haven and 'Breeze' will be the newest addition here. However, all of these are just speculations and no official words are out as of now.