Mon, 26 Apr 2021

Valorant Episode 2: Act 3 Battlepass rewards 

Valorant Episode 2: Act 3 Battlepass rewards

Valorant was released in June 2020 starting off their very first Episode and Act 1 which was enough to attract players and since then Riot Games have been throwing constant updates including a new map, a few new agents in the form of Reyna, Killjoy, Yoru and Astra respectively. And this is not where it stops, they went on to bring some of the most beautiful looking weapon skins as in-game cosmetics with various special effects and finishers.

With the new Act around the corner this time Riot Games are bringing out some of the most amazing looking skin sets for the battle pass along with this, the developers also shared some insights on the upcoming map and further changes that will be coming along with the new Episode 2: Act 3 roll out.

For just a thousand Valorant Points the next battle pass seems totally worth it with the bunch of weapon skins, player cards and gun buddies it brings along with it coming out on April 27 and will be live until June 21.

Gun skins

The new battle pass brings three different skin sets being Depths, Lightwave and Songsteel. Among these Depths is a Nebula, Horizon kind of skin with an underwater theme with moving shaders like the ones on Nebula and Horizon, which includes skins for Bulldog, Ghost, Stinger and Vandal. While Lightwave has a dazzling color scheme with 4 variants along with it which are beautiful to look at. Lightwave includes skins for Bucky, Frenzy, Odin, Phantom and Sheriff. Songsteel skin set includes a bunch of aesthetic looking skins for Classic, Guardian, Marshal and a Melee knife.

Gun buddies

Gun Buddies do make your skin stand-out a bit, with the premium new gun buddies coming out of this battle pass they look attractive and suit well with the new as well as the previous skin sets. These gun buddies include, Dan the Penguin gun buddy, the Get Carried buddy and Ancient Mysteries Revealed buddy.  Though Lucky Rabbit buddy is a free skin while the other ones are premium rewards only available for the battle pass users.

Player cards

The unique thing this time around is Riot Games is brining out a total of 13 new player cards, with the pride player cards coming along with them as well. This includes Mementos Part 1 card and the Knife Fight card as the premium rewards and the Bloodline card and Paul's Pizza Party Card as the free rewards for all the users. 


The last addition of sprays in the battle pass brought out some cool new things to try like the honking spray, the jett spray and so on. This time they bring out This is also Fine spray, a Dabbing dan spray and Lobster spray which will be a free reward while others will be limited to battle pass owners. Producer Preeti Khanolkar said the team had a lot of fun designing sprays for this act and was happy to see so many players love the sprays from Act Two.