Mon, 24 May 2021

Valorant Champions Tour India 2021 is on its way soon

Valorant Indian servers being tested, Riot confirms

Looks like India will have their slot in the Valorant Champions Tour sooner than we expected. Riot Games has finalized Nodwin Gaming as their Tournament operators for the event and is planning to announce the final details very soon. Interestingly enough, though Riot Games won't be funding this operation at all. Which means, that it's on the operators to ensure that every detail of the event has been taken care of, including paying for team travels if needed.

There's no official confirmation on any of this yet, but this does make it look like Riot Games isn't taking India as a market into the esports scenario and all they're providing is a window to the Valorant Champions Tour, that's it.

When asked about this to an official Riot Spokesperson, "Riot Games is committed to bringing esports opportunities for Valorant players worldwide, At this time we are evaluating how to best serve our community in India who has shown an incredible amount of interest in competing both domestically and on the international stage.” was the reply.

Reports say, Riot Games revenue generated from its infamously popular MOBA League of Legends weighs at around $1.75 Billion in 2020, and that is of course just the revenue from League of Legends, the figure would change drastically once all other titles including Valorant is taken to count.

Riot Games choosing Nodwin Gaming as their official Tournament Operator for the Indian Qualifiers of the Valorant Champions Tour is kind of an interesting decision as Nodwin has always been in the talks for their controversies, but they are also the one to carry on-ground expertise and experience that they've gained while hosting and working with ESL Premiership, Dreamhack and also ESL ONE among many others. Nodwin Gaming was also recently in the news for selling 15% of their company's stake to Krafton Inc (PUBG Developer) for $22.4 million.

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