Tue, 6 Apr 2021

Valheim Legends mod introduces players to six new character classes 

Players can now get into the shoes of 6 new character classes in Valheim through a mod. The Valheim Legends mod introduces 6 new hero classes - Valkyrie, Mage, Berserker, Ranger, Druid, and Shaman

Until now, players only played with the Viking class but this mod has added refreshing content to the game. Players can select these classes by offering an item at the Eikthyr Altar:
Valkyrie = Flint.
Ranger = Raw Meat.
Berserker = Bone Fragments.
Mage = Coal.
Druid = Dandelion.
Shaman = Greydwarf Eye.

Each of these classes comes with 3 unique abilities.

Valheim hero classes and their abilities

1. Bulwark - Adds a set block bonus to all blocked attacks and adds damage mitigation to the caster.
2. Stagger - Immediately taggers all surrounding enemies
3. Leap - Launch into the air to come crashing down and apply splash damage.

1. Shadow Stalk - Reduces noise and visibility, improves crouched movement speed, and grants a short (5s) burst of speed.
2. Summon Wolf - Summons a wolf companion for a limited time. It is more durable but has less damage than normal wolf pets.
3. Power shot - Increases attack power for next ranged attacks.

1. Rage - Sacrifice health to gain increased movement speed, physical attack damage, continuous stamina regeneration, and a life-tap for a portion of damage dealt.
2. Execute - Next several melee attacks gain increased power.
3. Dash - Dash forward and strike enemies. Damage is based on the equipped weapon.

1. Fireball - Launches a fireball to deals with splash damage and applies burn effect.
2. Frost Nova - Create a burst of ice that damages and freezes enemies.
3. Meteor - Summons meteors to strike an area. Channel duration determines how many meteors are created.

1. Regeneration - Heals the caster and all nearby players to quickly regenerate health for a short period of time.
2. Root Defender - Grows roots around that will strike nearby foes.
3. Vines -  Periodically launches piercing vine projectiles.

1. Enrage - Increases movement speed and rapidly regenerates stamina for the caster and all nearby allies.
2. Shell - Reduces any elemental damage taken and applies a spirit damage DoT to any attack made by the caster and all allies.
3. Spirit Shock - Deals spirit damage in an area around the caster and applies a spirit DoT to any enemy hit.

How to install the Valheim Legends mod

1. Download the mod from nexus mods.

2. Extract the download archive to a temporary location.

3. Move the .dll and VL_assets folder to your Valheim installation location BepInEx/plugins folder.

4. To uninstall, simply remove the .dll and assets from the plugins folder.