Tue, 13 Apr 2021

 Ultimate Battle: Learn more about the platform from the Founder himself, Tarun Gupta 

Ultimate Battle: Learn more about the platform from the Founder himself, Tarun Gupta

Ultimate Battle is an Indian platform for players to connect, interact and compete with each other in their favourite Esports games for entertainment and rewards.

To give you more of an insight into exactly what it is, how it works, and what the future holds, we had a conversation with Mr Tarun Gupta, Founder, Ultimate Battle, India’s first-ever one-stop online esports platform.

1. A few insights as to what Ultimate Battle really is all about. There are ample places on the internet that a user can go to get information about esports and gaming. How is Ultimate Battle fresh?

Ultimate Battle is an Esports platform that aims at provisioning gaming communities of popular Esports Game Titles, organized competitive gameplay for gamers for award and recognition. The platform can offer gameplay in multiple formats. Besides 1v1 challenges, gamers can also play team matches, ladders, double elimination brackets, and more. 

The 360-degree platform is not just limited to gameplay but also forays into other aspects of gamers’ requirements. The platform beautifully blends gameplay along with features like social networking, News, and Online Game Store, to enhance the overall user experience. 

2. Surely the pandemic has given a push to esports and gaming in India, but where do you see it heading in the years to come? 

There has been major growth in esports in 2020 in terms of exposure to the general gaming audience and perception towards gaming.  As we move forward, we only see the graph going up for the esports scene in India. Internet and smartphone penetration, Game publishers pushing for structured esports events, and change in gamer’s perception towards esports have been the contributing factors for the development of the esports scene in India. 

In the coming years, technologies like cloud gaming, 5G networks, and the arrival of more esports Leagues will push the growth of the esports industry in a positive direction. Major brands and sports conglomerates are showing interest in investing in esports. We can also expect new legislation and legal framework in India to help the esports industry grow at a larger scale in the next few years. 

3. The average Indian is now connected to the internet. How do you plan on bringing esports to the common Indian? 

We’ve very quickly moved from enjoying a larger-than-life e-gaming experience in large stadiums across India to replicating the same experience in virtual stadiums that has been possible only because of technology, cheap internet & penetration of smartphones across India. Esports is destined to become the next big thing, especially in rural India, where most youngsters have a smartphone.

Another aspect of changing the outlook of esports in India is incorporating as many games as possible into our platforms; esports is not just about the big game titles. There is a community for every game and our goal is to build a diverse esports ecosystem where everyone can co-exist and grow as one.

4. Does Ultimate Battle bring any benefits for professional esports athletes? Is Ultimate Battle a good platform for casual gamers to showcase their skills?

Ultimate Battle gives players multiple avenues to win rewards/recognitions in the form of Tournaments, Challenges as well as Leaderboards. Online events provide a single platform for gamers to compete against other skilled players and learn as well as get exposure in the gaming community. Players can win cash prizes as well as Ultimate Battle Coins which helps the gamers earn monetary rewards as well as can be used to redeem cool in-game items and more.

The biggest highlight of the year will be the launch of the 2021 - ALL India Esports League, which is expected to go on the floor very soon. The League will feature some of the Top esports game titles along with Chess which will attract many professional gamers from India.

The platform serves as a go-to platform to kickstart one’s career in the competitive circuit. All the esports athletes will get essential exposure and a platform where they can enhance their tactical skills, strategies & coordination.

5. Will you be expanding on communities and interaction among players?

While provisioning gameplay at its core, we saw the requirement of easier communication and interaction between players which gives rise to a better community. We currently have social features like making friends, inviting friends to play, challenge friends, along with chat/call features.

Moving forward we will be looking into enhancing this experience with Q&A discussion boards as well as other cool networking features like feeds, etc.

6. What are your plans to grow the Ultimate Battle? Do you plan on taking it to an international level?

Currently, we’re focused entirely on boosting the esports ecosystem in India. Our main focus as of now is to enhance the gaming experience of gamers and make it easier for them to gain exposure and grow their skills on the Ultimate Battle platform. We will be adding more esport title games to the platform to broaden the gaming audience. The core platform is also evolving on a day-to-day basis to provide the evolving gamer requirements. We may step into the international grounds, but that is the future and is not on our road map as of now.

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