Tue, 1 Jun 2021

Ubisoft to add the revamped chat service in Ubisoft Connect tomorrow


Ubisoft is bringing back the chat feature to the Ubisoft Connect PC App. The company had removed the feature when they replaced Uplay with Ubisoft Connect last year and wanted to revamp the service so that it will "align with the rest of the Ubisoft Connect experience".

The revamped chat service is more stable, reliable, and faster.  According to Ubisoft's announcement, the new chat service will be deployed to the desktop app through a patch on Tuesday, June 1. This revamped chat feature will include some notable changes compared to the legacy version. 

Ubisoft states that 1-1 chats their history will be erased. The new chat service will support group chats enabling users to create groups with others. But note that group chats will be limited to 24 members. Ubisoft also plans to add more features to the service in the future. The company adds that chat history will be accessed only if a complaint arises. They will store chat data for 3 months.

They are hoping to bring back the ability to invite friends directly through chat and also implement new quality of life features, additional anti-toxicity measures, and expand the service to platforms beyond PC in the future. Overlay chat won’t be available during launch but Ubisoft says it will roll that feature out in the coming weeks. Ubisoft says, “We’ll share a rollout plan for the deployment and key dates for it soon, so stay tuned to learn more.”

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