Tue, 18 May 2021

Ubisoft teases next Operation "North Star" for Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft teases next Operation "North Star" for Rainbow Six Siege

While the Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Season 1 is still ongoing, details about the next Season are already leaking out. To get ahead of the rumors spreading about the Season 2, Ubisoft officially announced that the new content drop will be called "Operation North Star" which was previously revealed by a well-known Rainbow Six Siege dataminer.

The official Twitter account shared the cover art for the same along with the caption "If you ever need help, just look up"

A while back in March, a Rainbow Six Siege dataminer named "Benjamin" revealed the name of the season, which is now officially confirmed by Ubisoft. Benjamin also revealed details like the new operator is code-named "Thunderbird" and will be equipped with a healing gadget called "Kona Station" along with these Smoke's remote gas grenade will be tweaked that stops the gas from travelling through walls and floors.

The new operator code-named "Thunderbird" is a three-speed defender equipped with a Spear, .308 or SPAS-15, a Q-929 or Bearing-9, an impact grenade or C4 along with the Kona Station.

Ubisoft hinted a few things for the Year 6 Season 2 content drop back in February on their official blog where they have mentioned "Operator from Nakoda Nations and a rework of the Favela map."

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