Thu, 29 Apr 2021

UB launches dedicated platform for chess following popular demand

UB launches dedicated platform for chess following popular demand

In an attempt to understand the gaming preferences of users, Ultimate Battle (UB), one of India's leading esports platforms, conducted a study where they closely analyzed the playing choices of one lakh users. They found that Chess was among the top three preferred games on their platform.

Following the popular demand, UB launched an independent interface on their platform for chess. Through the interface, the community can not only play casual games but also compete against the best in the business.

Even though their research indicates chess in the list of top three games, UB, though is a platform for playing many other action-packed games with high-end graphics. Garena Free Fire topped the list of the most played games with 40% preference and coming in at second place was Call of Duty with 30% players preference. At third place with 20% of the players came chess.

Tarun Gupta, Founder of Ultimate Battle said: “Chess is an age-old game which is played by people of all age groups. We thought of giving this community an altogether premium experience and hence we launched chess as separate property and not dilute the audience experience with other games. We also have created leaderboards for the community to compete professionally and the aim is to find the champion players eventually.

He further added, “However, the rampant rise of online cheating was equally alarming and we wanted to keep the UB platform safe from any such unfair means. Our focus has been to create a very robust technology to counter such incidences and we are glad that the platform has seen a lot of buzz lately.”