Wed, 28 Apr 2021

Titanfall 2: What is the reason behind the sudden influx of players?

Titanfall 2: What is the reason behind the sudden influx of players?

It is common to see players flocking towards a newly launched game or revisit an old title when it gets an update. But that wasn't the case for Respawn Entertainment's first-person shooter- Titanfall 2, which has seen a sudden surge of players off late.

Titanfall 2 witnessed significant growth in the player base in April. According to Steamdb, Titanfall 2 had a peak player count of 2673 in March 2021 and it has increased by 500% to a whopping 16,974 players in April 2021. One of the likely reasons for this surge is that the game was offered at a 75% discount on Steam on the weekend of April 17. Titanfall 2 is currently enjoying an average daily peak of 7,232 players.

Apex Legends content in Titanfall 2

Another reason could be Respawn's popular battle royale game Apex Legends. The developer stated that Titanfall 2 fans have "some really cool stuff" to look forward to in the upcoming season of Apex Legends. It is likely that players are trying out Titanfall 2 to get an idea of what to expect from the Apex Legends' upcoming season. Season 9 "Legacy" is scheduled to launch in one week on May 4. The update is bringing tons of new content to the game like a new legend called Valkyrie, a new weapon, and a new permanent game mode.

Titanfall 2 is developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. The game was released in October 2016 for Xbox One, Windows, and PlayStation 4. The game is available to play in both single-player and multiplayer modes.