Tue, 6 Apr 2021

Stream Xbox Games on Windows using XCloud software

Microsoft's Xcloud came out as a streaming service through which you can stream your Xbox Games over your android smartphone or tablet. But through some tweaks, it is now possible to stream those games onto your desktop through a web browser and considerable lag.

Microsoft's Project XCloud was supposed to launch by Spring 2021 and is said to be in beta since November 2019. Though according to the reports it is said to be up and running for Windows 10. A year ago from now, some methods made their way on reddit and Twitter about a Spanish version which was tweaked to run Xbox Games on Desktop but with some broken audio issues and minor bugs due to Windows updates while some users managed to run their Xbox Games through Game Pass Ultimate on their desktop.

Ars Technica did test it out and managed to stream a few games at 1080p. Though the catch here is that you'll need a wired internet connection to be able to stream these games. One of the tested games here includes Killer Instinct with some minor lag, though these games only support gamepads, controllers for now and no keyboard/mouse controls are available so far. But streaming at 1080p on your desktop is comparatively much better than streaming on your mobile devices.

You'll need an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription to get a hold of this streaming feature by Microsoft XCloud.Though the application is not officially live yet, but they have been tested enough and the test versions of these applications do receive constant updates and patches and also Cloud Gaming Extreme has been on the top of it and constantly trying out new games like Outsiders etc.

While the only games available here are the cross-platform ones, the backward compatible section of the Game Pass Ultimate does include some Xbox 360 exclusive, so this might be the only way to run games like Fable 2 on your desktop.