Mon, 2 Nov 2020

Sony's Dualsense controller to provide intuitive haptic feedback on upcoming games

Sony's Dualsense controller to provide intuitive haptic feedback on upcoming games

Over the past few weeks, several tech YouTubers have been getting their hands on the Sony Playstation 5 and its next gen controller- the Dualsense controller. Sony's new controllers are making waves, so let's see what exactly they feature.

The exciting new features on the PS5's controller- the Dualsense controller are that there are awesome Haptic Feedbacks, the all new Adaptive Triggers and more. So, here are some games that will make use of this feature.

The PS5 controller is the only next generation controller this time around

When it comes to picking a console, a controller is a big part of it. This time, for the Xbox Series S and X, Microsoft has gone with the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" philosophy. Sony on the other hand has improved upon things that they brought with the DualShock 4.

The main new feature is the advanced haptic feedback. According to reviewers, how it works is that the vibration feedback is extremely versatile, which often translates to the texture of the ground in the game. This is a feature that "connects" the player to the game.

The other new addition to the controller is the new adaptive triggers. These triggers can provide different levels of resistance and vibration, to give the realistic texture and feedback of what the in game character is experiencing.

Here is how the triggers actually work

NBA 2K21 publisher, 2K games has confirmed that the triggers will provide feedback of different intensity during different in game situations. A number of users who have got their hands on the Dualsense state that the setting can be switched off, to provide a more traditional gaming experience.