Thu, 29 Apr 2021

Sony announces PlayStation Plus games for May 2021

Sony announces PlayStation Plus games for May 2021

Sony has announced its lineup of PlayStation Plus games for the month of May. Starting May 4 till the end of the month, three games- Battlefield 5, Stranded Deep, and Wreckfest: Drive Hard, Die Last will be available for free.

Wreckfest is coming exclusively for PlayStation 5 users and they can add this game to their library through the PlayStation Store. First-person shooter title Battlefield 5 and survival game Stranded Deep will be available for PlayStation Plus subscribers on the PS4 console.

PS+ May 2021 games

Wreckfest first came out in June 2018 on Microsoft Windows, followed by PS4 and Xbox One releases in August 2019. It is a vehicular combat game where the player can have an aggressive approach towards races or choose to stay defensive and power through to win. 

Battlefield 5 is a popular shooter game from Electronic Arts. Although the game was said to be 'historically inaccurate', it was applauded for its gameplay. Battlefield 5 also features several new multiplayer modes. Battlefield 5 also includes a battle royale element where 64 players can compete against each other in squads of 4.

Stranded Deep is a single-player survival game developed and published by Beam Team Games. Players need to survive by collecting resources, building a shelter, and craft weapons to defend themselves. 

PlayStation Plus April games to make an exit

PlayStation Plus games for April- Oddworld: Soulstorm, Days Gone, and Zombie Army 4 will leave on Monday, May 3 to make way for the May lineup.