Thu, 10 Jun 2021

Hotel Rooms for gamers! Rove Hotels & Playtonia are elevating gaming in the MENA region with Gamer Caves  

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Rove Hotels and Playtonia are taking gaming in the Middle East and South African region to a new level with Rove’s Gamer Caves, hotel rooms designed exclusively for gaming. Rove’s Gamer Caves are powered by Razer and will feature their Huntsman V2 Analog gaming keyboard, Viper 8 kHz gaming mouse, Kiyo Pro USB camera with high-performance adaptive light sensor, BlackShark V2 wired headset with USB sound card, Seiren Mini streaming microphone, Iskur gaming chair, and more. With these, Rove Gamer Caves provide the ultimate gaming experience.

The Gamer Caves are located at Rove Downtown and Rove At The Park. They will be available to book online via from June 15. Gamers can enjoy various multiplayer titles like DOTA 2, Diablo 3, Doom, Overwatch, Red Dead Redemption 2, Divinity: Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition, Final Fantasy XIV Online, GTA 5, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and Faster Than Light. Additionally, gamers will be treated to a unique dining menu for an even better experience. The menu will include an assortment of game-themed dishes like the cloud strife chicken slider, Lara Croft’s calamari, Kitana flatbread, and more.

Bianca Litonjua, Head Gamer of Rove said, “As a hotel brand that embraces popular culture, celebrates sub-cultures and always looks to create experiences for people to live their passions, Rove Hotels is extremely proud to design and launch the region’s first-ever hotel gaming rooms with the outstanding support of Dubai Sports Council, Playtonia and Razer. We are confident that Rove’s Gamer Caves will provide a welcome boost for the growing eSports community in MENA, and we can’t wait to welcome gamers from home and abroad to enjoy this first-of-its-kind gaming experience in the heart of Dubai.”

Nabil Hasan, General Manager of Playtonia UAE, added, “We are delighted to partner with Rove Hotels, with the support of Dubai Sports Council and Razer, for the launch of the region’s first-ever hotel gaming rooms. At Playtonia UAE, we strive to play a pivotal role in developing an eSports and gaming industry with the potential to eventually equal the professionalism, resources, and popularity of some of the biggest sports in the world. Consequently, we see the opening of Rove’s Gamer Caves as massively positive signs of the major progress being made in gaming and eSports – an industry that continues to go from strength to strength locally, regionally, and globally.”

Through this platform, rookies, as well as professional gamers, can devote their time in their passion and further strengthen the UAE’s thriving esports community.

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