Fri, 14 May 2021

Riot Games brought out a "Hotfix to tighten matchmaking skill" in Valorant

Riot Games brought out a "Hotfix to tighten matchmaking skill" in Valorant

Riot Games has announced a surprise update for all the Valorant players that is supposedly brought out specifically targeted towards competitive matchmaking queue.

There's no patch notes attached to this announcement from Riot Games. But these match making changes are confirmed officially by Riot.

“Surprise Competitive update,” Riot said. “We just rolled out some tweaks to Ranked queue that should tighten matchmaking skill. Fair warning that you may see a slight increase in queue times.”

The update that went live changes the ranked matchmaking system in an attempt to get players more fair matches around the players of the similar caliber. Though this advanced matchmaking has a downside to it, which is the increased wait time since the game will be digging through a lot more data and try and match you up with more accurately skill-based lobbies.

Riot also mentioned earlier in their AskValorant blog, that competitive updates will continue to come out to make the matchmaking experience better. Though the next big change will be included in the patch and won't come out as a hotfix.

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