Sun, 2 May 2021

PUBG Studio teases PUBG Mobile India launch with a short video, deletes it later

PUBG Studio teases PUBG Mobile India launch with a short video, deletes it later

PUBG Studio once again added a little fuel to the fire that is PUBG Mobile India. The developer teased the launch of the game by uploading a 6-second video on PUBG Mobile India's YouTube channel with the title "All New PUBG Mobile coming to India". Unfortunately, the video was taken down within a couple of minutes.

A select few did manage to watch the video before it was removed. According to reports, the video did not mention the release date for PUBG Mobile India but only states that the game is coming soon.

Is this the 'concrete' update PUBG Mobile fans were hoping for?

Until now, there were only rumors of PUBG Mobile India's launch in the country. Last month, PUBG Mobile content creator GodNixon Gaming issued a statement saying the "Indian government has given the green signal for the comeback of PUBG Mobile." But that rumor was quickly put to rest by a Krafton official who said: "The information was not official according to his understanding."

But now, these videos that were uploaded on PUBG Mobile India's official YouTube channel with 'coming soon' in the title can act as solid proof of the return of PUBG Mobile in the country. Krafton did say that they cared about the Indian market greatly and were in talks with the Indian government for the relaunch of PUBG Mobile. It seems that their talks were fruitful and PUBG Mobile just might find its way back into the Indian gaming ecosystem. 

If at all PUBG Mobile India is launched in the country, Krafton might follow it up with PUBG: New State, the new PUBG Mobile game that is expected to release later this year. It should be noted that Krafton has said PUBG: New State won't be available in India during launch. The company also said that they want to focus on the launch of PUBG Mobile India before launching PUBG: New State in the country.