Mon, 17 May 2021

PUBG Mobile: Tencent permanently bans over 1.4 million accounts for hacking

PUBG Mobile: Tencent permanently bans over 1.4 million accounts for hacking

Tencent is back with another wave of BanPan for hackers in PUBG Mobile. In their latest BanPan from May 7 - May 13, Tencent permanently banned 1,481,239 for using hacks like x-ray vision and auto-aim in PUBG Mobile.

Of the 1.4 million banned accounts, 35% of accounts were Bronze, 12% were Silver, 9% were Gold, 10% were Platinum, 13% were Diamond, 12% were Crown, 9% were Ace, and 1% were of the Conquerer rank. 

They were banned for using hacks like auto-aim, modification of area damage, modification of character model, speed-hacks, x-ray vision, and other types of cheats. It's not just PUBG Mobile, but a majority of online games are plagued with hackers that try to gain an unfair advantage over others by using third-party software. Last month, Tencent banned over 1.6 million accounts in PUBG Mobile.

Apart from adding new content, developers have to keep an eye on their anti-cheat systems and upgrade them whenever required. 

Get ready for Battlegrounds Mobile India

Meanwhile, Krafton is soon bringing Battlegrounds Mobile India, a free-to-play battle royale, especially for the Indian audience. The game includes features that are different from PUBG Mobile. The game will have its own esports ecosystem and according to a recent report, players will be able to retain their old PUBG Mobile accounts. Krafton has also updated the privacy policy for Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Pre-registration for Battlegrounds Mobile India is going live tomorrow, May 18, on the Google Play Store.

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