Mon, 12 Apr 2021

PUBG Mobile in India: PUBG Corp. posts new job listings on LinkedIn

PUBG Mobile in India: PUBG Corp. posts new job listings on LinkedIn

PUBG Mobile fans and the game itself have been through a roller-coaster ride in India. When PUBG Mobile first launched in the country, it took the mobile gaming scene in India by storm and everyone was swept away by its action-packed battle royale gameplay. Professional teams were formed and PUBG esports tournaments with massive prize pools were being organized.

But PUBG Mobile in India witnessed an abrupt end as the Indian government banned the game in September 2020. Since then, there were countless rumors about PUBG Mobile's relaunch and unban but none were true. The Indian government has clarified that they have not granted permission for PUBG Mobile's relaunch but it seems that the makers of the game are not ready to give up.

Recently, PUBG Corporation posted job listings on LinkedIn. The company is looking for a Product Manager, Investment and Strategy Analyst, Senior Marketing Manager, and Associate Director in India.

Future of PUBG Mobile in India

For the time being, PUBG Mobile remains banned in the country. But a representative from Krafton said that the company is in talks with the Indian government to get PUBG Mobile unbanned and that the company cares about the Indian market

A new PUBG Mobile game called PUBG: New State is also set to launch later this year but it won't be available in India during launch. Krafton Inc's chairman Chang Byung-Gyu said that PUBG Mobile India is a priority for them and they want to focus on the re-release of the Indian version of Battleground Mobile before launching PUBG: New State in the country.