Mon, 24 May 2021

PUBG is coming up with a "Red Dead Redemption 2" like spin-off


Krafton Inc, publisher and developer responsible for the PUBG-Universe" confirmed that "Project Cowboy" is in the works. "Project Cowboy is the project name for the new Battlegrounds game" said Krafton Inc. Which will be a standalone game, not a custom mod or some DLC, based on the popular western-themed game that only allows guns from the old west. For which the hiring process has already started off by Krafton and the job listings says that it's a "PUBG Universe based open-world shooter."

Though this is just the tip of the ice-berg, there are several titles that have been announced in the recent past as an expansion to the popular battle royale being "The Callisto Protocol", a horror game that's more of a spiritual successor to Dead Space "PUBG: New State", which is starting with its Alpha testing soon and also some "Sci-fi shooter" that includes "mechs" that kinda falls in the "Titanfall" category is also said under the works.

The Alpha testing for PUBG: New State is said to be kicking off anytime soon this year, and more than ten million users have already pre-registered for the opportunity. Which is not so surprising judging by how huge the PUBG community and especially how they managed to get the "Steam's Best Selling" title once again at the start of this month.

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