Fri, 11 Jun 2021PC Gaming

Valorant's next skin bundle "Origin" revealed


The popular Valorant data miner who goes by the name "ValorLeaks" recently shared a few clips featuring the new "Origin" collection while also sharing a few details about them, this new collection looks completely different from the previous gen. Riot Games doesn't stop surprising the community with their cosmetics and aesthetics of the game. The skin set is now live in the game.

Valorant Episode 2: Act 3 has around 20 odd days left. And Riot Games have already started teasing around some details about the upcoming changes. Previously they confirmed about nerfing Skye and Breach while buffing Yoru and Astra, also a new agent will be joining them and also the "Duality" trailer launch that happened during the VCT Iceland.

Though this new Origin collection includes skins for Vandal, Frenzy, Operator, Bucky and an incredible unique Melee. There's no official release date assigned to it, through its available in your collection tab if you want to go through and check around how they look, and said to be available in the store with the next patch or maybe with the Episode 3: Act 1 that will be around 3rd week of June.

These skins belong to the premium edition as they include these various special effects, as well as an amazing finisher and a fascinating, inspect animation as well, the price for these skins also hasn't been revealed yet but as they include the special effects they would be priced around 6,000 VP for the entire bundle while 1775 VP for individual skins. Which totally seems worth it if you're a fan of some ingenuous artwork

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