Fri, 11 Jun 2021PC Gaming

Valorant's economy changes expected to go live with Episode 3

Valorant for Consoles may be out soon

The recent leak from the popular Valorant data miner "ValorLeaks" revealed some upcoming economy changes that are expected to tag along with the Episode 3 update.

Valorant is a tactical shooter, which means the abilities play a crucial role in locking those rounds, while the gunfights are equally important. For every round you lose/win you receive equivalent credits, and you can use those credits to buy weapons for yourself and your squad.  

According to these leaks, major changes are on the way to the game's current economy, these include a decrease in the price of the Operator while a surge in the price of Judge.

Of course, none of these leaks have been confirmed by Riot Games nor any announcements for the same has been made yet. Though, ValorLeaks is one of the most popular Valorant data miners and is said to be very reliable with any kind of information on Valorant. ValorLeaks also revealed the code name "Grenadier" as well as some other major leaks in the past.

Since these changes didn't go live with the Patch 2.11 update, it's most likely to go live along with the Episode 3 update, the second tweet from ValorLeaks also says that "Future" could in fact be the Episode 3 update.

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