Tue, 23 Feb 2021PC Gaming

Riot teases new info about the upcoming Valorant agent and updates

Valorant is a first-person shooter game developed by Riot Games, this is their first game of this type. Riot has previously worked on League of Legends which turned out to be a huge success in the esports scenario they plan on doing the same magic here with Valorant. This game was released on 7th April 2020 as closed beta, and it was said to be in development since 2014 where it was registered as Project A.

In the recent patch 2.03 severe changes were made to Agents as well as weapons but along with those few people found an Easter egg or a glitch that caused them to see shiny orb kind of structure which is very similar to the 38th Player card from the current battle pass which has always been a hint about the upcoming agent previously been Yoru, Skye and Killjoy.

Valorant was launched with a total of 10 Agents further categorized according to their game meta into Initiators, Duelists, Controllers and Sentinels and the four more agents added with every Act being Yoru, Skye, Killjoy and Reyna that concludes a list of 14 Agents.

Agent 15 Details

  • The new Agent is confirmed to be a controller, so one thing we are sure of it has an ability to block off enemy perspective or vision.
  • The Code name in the Valorant files for this agent is said to be 'Code-named'
  • This Agent belongs from Ghana
  • Player card 38 link is confirmed and the next agent will be having somewhat of a resemblance from the card.
  • Ember contains a Smoke and a Flare textured thing that hints towards a flash, so there is a possibility that it can do both, flash and smoke.

Developers made an official announcement and during that they mentioned the words 'Cosmic shift' hinting out of earth some character like Omen and 'Galaxy brain' hinting out playing abilities, which is said to be coming out tomorrow.

Riot Games also said that the new map development is still ongoing and there will be no new maps coming to Valorant by the end of the current Episode