Fri, 11 Jun 2021PC Gaming

Valorant patch 2.11: FPS Improvement, Optimization, Return of replication

Valorant for Consoles may be out soon

Riot Games skipped the 2.10 patch due to the engine update as well the VCT Iceland that was going on, though the latest patch 2.11 is officially out now.

2.11 is here to make your gaming experience a bit smoother with some optimization updates. Though there are no major buffs or nerfs included in this one, it still has a bit of matter to it. From bug fixes to adding some important functionalities.

Also, with this patch comes back the beloved Replication mode which was said to be revolving with the Snowball and Escalation mode

Riot Games also worked on improving the frame rate for players with mid to high-level systems by "optimizing abilities, equipment and weapons in the inventory." This is good for mid-range games as sometimes mid-fight your fps seemed to go down which can essentially make a huge impact on some crucial gunfights. Agents and the Environment were also said to be optimized for further game-play improvements

Patch 2.11 also introduces system updates, like better and cleaner fonts for regional languages and an updates ping and radio wheel, and also fixing some reoccurring bugs in the game. Riot also added a function to the in-game leaderboard that allows the user to search for the specific names in the leaderboard, making it easier to find their friends or other players.

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