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Upcoming Valorant agent teased during Summer Game Fest

Killjoy disabled in Valorant due to game-breaking Turret bug

During the Summer Game Fest live event, a trailer featuring the new robotic agent booting up can be seen, which is being activated. Though the clip was a short teaser and didn't provide much information about the agent, but going through the lines of tweets from Riot Games following this event, the community has started to join those pieces together.

Earlier today, Killjoy officially took over the Valorant Twitter account, where a series of cryptic images were posted. The first image looks like a selfie at some concert, while the second image shows an Alarmbot being disabled, with the caption "Variable removed, Alarmbot down" which most likely refers to the abilities of the upcoming agent.

A short clip was also posted of the robot activating, that indicates that Killjoy was behind the creation of this robot that helps defend against the mirrored agents trying to steal Earth-1s Radianite. Previously, some Easter eggs were also noticed on the new map "Breeze" where a dagger stuck into a crate was emitting purple sparks was seen.

Though as predicted earlier, it kind of gives a "disabler" vibe to this agent, who can deactivate abilities, like the Killjoy's alarmbot. Though these are still mere speculations and no confirmations are made from Riot regarding this.

The Summer Game Fest confirmed that more information about this upcoming agent will be shared by the end of this month with Episode 3 on its way, the agent along with the new economy changes can be expected along with it.

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