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Sentinels take down Fnatic 3-0 to win the VCT Masters: Reykjavík


The North American powerhouse Sentinels were crowned the winners of the Valorant Champions Tour Masters Reykjavík without dropping of a single game throughout their run with a clean sweep of 3-0 in the finals over the European squad Fnatic

Sentinels and Fnatic were said to be the two favorites for the VCT Title. Sentinels came out strong over Fnatic which they proved twice as they already had a matchup in the first round of the Upper bracket where Sentinels won 2-0 over Fnatic knocking them down to the Lower bracket. Though the European team came back from there to reach the Grand finals for the best of five rematch where they again failed to get a single map even after reaching Overtime in two out of those three matches.

Sentinels vs Fnatic (Grand Finale Recap)

Map 1: Split (14-12) -  Sentinels managed to kick off the series with a close win over Fnatic in the first map with 14-12 score line on Split. This being the Sentinels pick, it was concerning to see them struggle for entries there though TenZ stepping up for Team Sentinels with 24 frags and for Fnatic's side MAGNUM pulled off the same with fewer deaths making it a close nail-biting experience for the viewers where Sentinels managed to come on top with just a nickle, taking the first map from the best of five.

Map 2: Bind (16-14) -  The second map went up to another overtime situation where Fnatic had a 6-2 lead on Sentinels which was brought back to 9-9 soon, that shows what a close match-up it was as none of these teams refused to give up, but Sentinels again managed to come out on top to close the game with a 16-14 win over Fnatic with TenZ again leading on the scoreboard with 33 frags proving how deadly Reyna can be in the right hands.

Map 3: Haven (13-11) - Sentinels started this one with their true domination in the first half getting up to 9-3. After the swap, Fnatic almost pulled off a comeback getting 8 rounds for them. However, it was a bit too late for it as Sentinels managed to pick up 4 more rounds as ShahZaM leaded his Squad to defeat the European Squad in a close match-up to win the championship with a 3-0 clean sweep while going undefeated throughout their run in the tournament.

Sentinels Line-up :

Shahzeb "ShahZaM" Khan

Hunter "SicK" Mims

Michael "dapr" Gulino

Jared "zombs" Gitlin 

Tyson "TenZ" Ngo.

Fnatic's Line-up:

Jake "Boaster" Howlett

Nikita "Derke" Sirmitev

Domagoj "Doma" Fancev

James "Mistic" Orfila

Martin "Magnum" Peňkov.

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