Mon, 24 May 2021PC Gaming

Riot Games: Valorant game-modes to be in a rotational method from the next update

Valorant for Consoles may be out soon

After the recent "Replication" mode update, Riot Games have put a lot of brain work behind the works of the existing and previous game-modes which was previously said to be in talks and confirmed that these game-modes will co-exist and feature on rotational basis.

Lisa Ohanian, Senior producer Valorant discussed game modes in recent Valorant update blog, explaining the details about "Replication, Escalation and Snowball Fight" co-existing in rotational basis with every patch cycle. This new approach kicks off on 26th May, this marks 25th May as the last day for Replication before we can see it again.

Lisa also addressed that all of these game-modes can't be active at the same time. If Valorant's play base is divided into multiple smaller circles, then it'd "dilute" the queue and would make it frustrating for others to find a match. That also leads to a risk of offering an imbalanced match since often these modes have a small group of players to choose from and the rank pool is often far apart from eachother.

"Rather than making all of our modes more frustrating, we’re choosing instead to offer a select number and ensure that you can find them quickly, and with solid matchmaking."

Riot Games plans on featuring this new rotational system for a while being and gathering the player feedback for the same to determine a long-term fix for the same problem, which would also make it smoother for them to introduce new game-modes and content that could already be in the works.

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