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Riot Games hints on nerfing Breach and Skye flashes

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Riot Games recently confirmed to bring some major nerfs to Valorant's flashy agents bring Breach and Skye in their upcoming patches.

Skye and Breach being one of the most tangy flashers in Valorant equipped with multiple blindsiding abilities could be a bit overpowered in competitive mode, and it was about time when Riot Games the developers work on balancing these initiators.

"The goal here is to provide Breach and Skye with more self-sufficiency, to do so, we're looking to remove their ability to dish out three consecutive flashes," said Valorant character producer John Gosciki

Along with these two initiators, there are quite a few duelists who can flash being Reyna and Phoenix as well as a controller Omen. Playing against multiple flashers at once becomes a bit annoying on the attacking side where you can't enter the site as there are multiple flashes coming at you, which needed a fix since a while now.

Breach and Skye here are loaded with spamable flashes, which means they can flash back to back with no timeouts on their flashes. Along with this the recent buff added to Breach made him even more compelling as the blind duration was increased. Whereas, Skyee has three birds which can also be spammed back to back as well. John Gosciki the character producer for Valorant shared some light on the overall idea behind Breach where he said he's supposed to be an overall viable agent who centers around his flashbangs, being his signature ability. A balanced kit or maybe a timeout can be expected with the upcoming patches.

This upcoming patch could switch the meta up in many ways as how these flashes are being used now and how dual initiator's combo would be even more useful. 

Yoru and Astra are next in the line for a re-work

Astra and Yoru are next in line for a rework with the upcoming patches. Riot Games are looking forward to taking some major steps to add some counter plays to this newly added agents. The Gravity Well could be a game-changer if used properly, which needs to be pampered with and bring it down by adding some counter plays on it.

Apart from the other changes, Yoru will also be getting a few buffs and this will be the second in line for Yoru with the last one adding some sound effects and decreased 'Fakeout' animation. They still intend to bring some changes to this ability as it's one of the weakest for this Agent.

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