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Riot Games confirms Breeze - Upcoming map for Valorant

Riot Games confirms Breeze - Upcoming map for Valorant

Valorant was launched officially in June 2020, since the release of this game Ice Box was the only map added and since the last five months no major changes were done to any of the maps except Split which saw a quite a look over. The community has been asking for a new map for a while and looks like Riot Games are listening to their fans now

In a tweet from their official Valorant account, they teased a short video teasing the map giving it a tropical - beach like look which is named as 'Breeze' 


The first look here gives this map a tropical - beach kind of a layout with a beach bed facing towards the sea with some palm trees along the line. 

Though the Vietnamese Valorant account tweeted the following on their official Twitter account that translates to : 'Let's explore about BREEZE - New map coming soon to Valorant"

There is no official date announced as yet, but looking back at Icebox it was launched a few days right before it was teased followed by A short video then Layout and other details, and then it was launched along with the next ACT.

So since 6 days left for this Episode 2: Act 2, Breeze should be out with the new Act and the new battle pass next week, Though these are just speculations as yet, since no official date is announced by Riot Games.

This official announcement from Riot Games confirming the new map as Breeze does confirm the previous details here.