Mon, 22 Feb 2021PC Gaming

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S1: New Operator Flores coming on March 16

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is an online tactical shooter developed and published by Ubisoft which was released in December 2015. Ubisoft announced a bunch of bracing details about their new Operation Rainbow Six Siege: Crimson Heist. They gave away a brief overview of everything that is on the way for the Rainbow Six Siege: Year Six Season One. The official release date we have as of now is March 16, 2021, if there are no delays made by Ubisoft this time. Along with the release date of the new Operation.

The new Operator, the 59th Operator for Rainbow Six Siege will be 'Flores' who will be the next attacker increasing the heat of the game with his explosive drones. Flores is an Argentinian with two armour and two-speed character from the Attacker side with an Explosive Drone as his signature 'Ability'.

More details about the Operator: Flores

The signature ability of the Operator being the RCE- Raetro Drone can't be reversed or be deployed on a rappel rope but has a substantial 13-second fuse before exploding. Which can be skipped and triggered early if needed which can be used to blow holes in bombsites, destroy defender utility, and more. He can even use it to kill enemies.

The attacker will be using the AR33 and SR-25 rifles, as well as the GSH-18 sidearm. While the secondary gadgets will be consisting of Claymores and Stun Grenades. Flores will come in handy to the attacking squad, as his drones provide a mix of utility as well as firepower, and can replace a soft breacher operator if they choose to. It also goes alongside the new Goone-6 sidearm, making clearing defender utility easier than ever until the counter plays are out. Flores will be out with the Year Six Battle Pass, which will be releasing on the 16th of March 2021.

With the new operation, another significant change that will be going live will be the added feature to the game where the dead players can help out alive teammates of their respective teams by operating gadgets and cameras, this change was put in to make the support phase more intense. Along with it, another feature that will be implemented is allowing attackers to change their operator and loadout as many times as they like in the preparation phase which will turn to be an advantage for the attackers so making it even.