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How to play Among Us: Objectives, tricks and more

How to play Among Us: Objectives, tricks and more

Among Us, Innersloth's highly popular multiplayer game is currently ruling over the internet in terms of streaming and player base. Last month, Among Us, registered a record of 1.5 million users across three platforms- Microsoft Windows, iOS, and Android.

If you are not one of those millions of players but want to become one, here's a quick guide that will not only help you get Among Us but also a few tips and tricks to tilt the scales in your favour.

How to download Among Us

For PC, Among Us is available on the Steam store as a paid (Rs 199) download. To play the game on PC, you will require 1 GB RAM, 250 MB storage and version 10 of Direct X.

For mobile devices, the game is available on the Play Store for Android devices and App Store for iOS devices. The Android and iOS version of Among Us is free and you will require an Android version 4.4 or higher and iOS version 10.0 or higher to run the game.

Starting with Among Us

Once you install the game from your games library on your system, the main menu of the game will show for options viz. Local, Online, How to Play and Freeplay. Local will let you create your own game, Online will let you join other lobbies over the internet, How to Play will act as a guide on how to play the game and Freeplay will let you play against bots.

Players can also access the in-game market through the main menu where they can purchase unique hats to make their character stand out.

Among Us Objectives

There are different objectives in the game depending on who you are. If you are a regular crew member, you have to complete the given tasks without being eliminated by the imposter. Crew members also need to organize meetings and discuss among themselves to kick the imposter out of the spaceship.

If you are the imposter, your task is to kill the crew members without being identified. As an imposter, you can also sabotage the crew members' tasks. These tasks are time-critical and the crew members have to hurry to get them fixed before the timer runs out or they lose the game.

Among Us Tips and Tricks

There are various tips and tricks you can use to your advantage in Among Us. Like if you are the crew member, always keep an eye on the vents and the admin map. If you want to win, you need to tell your mates exactly what you saw. Remember- Communication is the key to success.

As an imposter, you have time as your ally. Kill on the left and sabotage a task on the right side of the map. This will give you time to escape as the crew members panic to get the time-critical task completed.

You can read more tips and tricks that will help you win in Among Us here.

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