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Fortnite's Marvel Knockout Super Series teases Black Widow hero skin

Fortnite's Marvel Knockout Super Series teases Black Widow hero skin

Epic has teased another Marvel Knockout Super Series and this time none other than deadly Russian assassin Natasha Romanoff better known as Black Widow will be the featured skin for the third round of the Marvel Knockout Super Series.

Marvel Knockout Super Series is an ongoing series of tournament that rewards the highest-placing teams with early access to Marvel hero skins, before they hit the Item Shop. Two of the four Marvel Knockout Series have come and gone and each introduced a new Marvel character to Fortnite. Internet sleuths predict that the fourth one will feature Venom.

The first and second Marvel Knockout Super Series have already provided players with a free version of Daredevil and Ghost Rider. Epic has now teased the next character in the lineup viz. Black Widow.

Epic has not shared complete details about the third Marvel Knockout Super Series featuring Black Widow.

According to Fortnite data miner, iFireMonkey, this won’t be the old Black Widow skin from over a year ago. We should be getting a brand new bundle, which may or may not include the original Black Widow variant.

The leak suggests that new skin bundle has been described as “Black Widow (Snow Suit).” We can only assume that the skin will be a winter version of Black Widow’s original outfit.

According to the leak, the tournament will be held on Wednesday, November 11.

Here's the Scoring System for each region

Scoring System

  • 1st: 100 points

  • 2nd: 50 points

  • 3rd-4th: 25 points

  • 5th-8th: 15 points

  • 9th-16th: 5 points

Required Placement for free Black Widow skin

  • Europe: 1st – 800th

  • NA-East: 1st – 500th

  • NA-West: 1st – 200th

  • Brazil: 1st – 200th

  • Asia: 1st – 100th

  • Oceana: 1st – 100th

  • Middle East: 1st – 100th