Sat, 15 May 2021PC Gaming

CS:GO: Major changes made to Ancient, Trusted mode is fixed and much more

CS:GO: Major changes made to Ancient, Trusted mode is fixed and much more

Ancient just made its way into the CS:GO active duty map pool, and now Valve is here with some major changes to this map making it suitable for a better competitive gameplay. 

Back in 2019, Vertigo was added into the active duty map pool and following this event, this map was later added into professional map pool, replacing the previously popular map "Cache." Vertigo ever since then saw several changes and experiments that made it better for the professional scenario.

Though Ancient spent quite a lot of time off the competitive map pool before it was added to the official map pool on 3rd May replacing Train. Though this was already announced back in December with the start of Operation Broken Fang, this map still needs a few round of changes including the latest alterations made.

Many of these recent changes were just made to look this map a bit better and cleaner, updating props, adding missing textures, fixing pixel gaps and so on. However, there were some major changes were made in some key areas.

Though this update was mainly focused on Ancient, there were some major bugs and issues that were also fixed, one of them being "Trusted Launch" bug. Many players using the Trusted mode were getting kicked out of the queue and sometimes even mid-game which was very annoying, and a fix is here to solve that.

Valve noted that it “fixed a case where players would receive duplicate warnings about launching in untrusted mode.” Though this is a relatively minor change, but still a fix for many of those who were struggling to launch or even play CS:GO.

Ancient was not the only map being altered here, Grind and Frostbite also received some changes a bit less significant, here are the official patch notes.