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CS:GO BLAST Rising 2021 by Fantasyexpo: Teams and groups revealed

CS:GO BLAST Rising 2021 by Fantasyexpo: Teams and groups revealed

BLAST Rising 2021 will be running from 3rd May to 23rd May 2021 and this tournament will be featuring a variety of pure talent that has been undermined since a while and been away from most of the eyes. BLAST being partnered with the Polish gaming agency Fantasyxpo, its an exciting opportunity for upcoming professionals and underdogs to compete with a plenty of teams across Europe.

This year BLAST Rising 2021 has expanded their team slots to feature up to 24 teams which was previously on 16 teams in BLAST Rising 2020, dividing these 24 teams into six groups of four teams each. These teams will be competing in the group in a double elimination format, with the top two teams from each region qualifies into the playoffs, while the third will have to go through a play-in series to round off the total number of playoff teams to 16.

Here's a list of all the teams that will be featured in BLAST Rising 2021, according to their groups.

Group A 

  • LDLC OC 
  • Sangal
  • eClub Brugge 
  • UMX G2A

Group B 

  • x-kom AGO 
  • Sprout 
  • Galaxy Racer 
  • Astralis Talent

Group C

  • SKADE 
  • Anonymo
  • Spirit Academy

Group D 

  • Copenhagen Flames 
  • Nexus

Group E 

  • Sinners 
  • Apeks
  • NAVI Junior
  • Budapest Five

Group F 

  • Nordavind
  • Young Ninjas
  • Finest 
  • Gorillaz

Starting with the first game of Group A on 3rd and 4th May, each group will compete in a two-day bracket that will help speed up time which would lead us to the play-in knockout stage that will be on 17th of May and the playoffs kicking off from 19th. You can catch all the action live on the official Twitch and YouTube channel of BLAST