Fri, 21 May 2021

Opera Limited introduces Opera GX Mobile, a gaming browser for mobile phones

opera gx mobile

Opera Limited, one of the world's leading browser developers has announced the launch of Opera GX Mobile, a browser designed specifically for gamers. Opera GX for PC, which currently has a user base of over 9 million, was claimed to be the first gaming browser and now, Opera is now bringing Opera GX Mobile in the form of a beta version on Android and iOS devices.

Opera GX Mobile includes features like  Fast Action Button (FAB), haptic feedback and vibration, GX Corner, and more. Opera GX Mobile was highly requested by Opera GX users.  "Since the day we launched Opera GX, our users have relentlessly asked us for a mobile version of the browser. Today, we are happy to share the first beta version of the new browser," said Maciej Kocemba, product director of Opera GX.

Navigation becomes easier

Opera the Fast Action Button in Opera GX Mobile browser. It is a single button in Opera GX Mobile that ensures better navigation on the browser. FAB also comes with vibrations and haptic feedback while interacting. 

GX Corner

GX Corner features news about upcoming games and also includes links to games that are on sale. In Opera GX Mobile, the GX Corner feature is below the search bar.

Unique design

Opera GX Mobile has a unique style and design that is "inspired by gaming and gaming gear". The Mobile browser comes in four different themes- GX Classic, Ultra Violet, Purple Haze, and White Wolf.


Opera GX Mobile also includes Flow, a feature that allows gamers to sync with the PC version of Opera GX. All a user has to do is scan a QR code displayed on the PC browser with the mobile browser. Flow is an encrypted, chat-like space that allows users to send files, links, and more. Other useful features in Opera GX Mobile include a built-in ad blocker, as well as a cookie dialog blocker, which helps you get rid of the annoying cookie dialogs that spoil the browsing experience. Opera GX Mobile users are also protected from those trying to use their devices to mine cryptocurrencies.

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