Tue, 4 May 2021

Hitman 3 new season to be revealed this week

Hitman 3 new season to be revealed this week

Developer IO Interactive announced earlier that they will be taking a break from the current Hitman and no sequel will be coming out soon, though that doesn't stop development for the current Hitman 3 and new content is on its way. Studio announced that Hitman 3 new season will be revealed on 5th May.

IO Interactive tweeted the reveal date and information about what all will be included on the Twitch live stream on their official channel. That includes brief about the new content, Q&A with the developers and a new trailer for Hitman 3. There's not much detail made public except for the name "Season of Sin"

However, we know what to expect considering the previous season of Hitman 3 including the current season being the "Season of Greed" which ends on May 9 which added a bunch of DLC's and activities such as suit, weapons, missions as well as many events and easter eggs were added with the patch.

The extra paid content costs about $5 individually, but if you get the whole bundle as the part of Seven Deadly Sins DLC that costs $30 in total.

IO Interactive is also said to be collecting a bunch of engineers and developers to create an army to work on the upcoming James Bond game under the name of IO Interactive, though it is still said to be in an early development stage but that explains the break from Hitman series.