Mon, 24 May 2021Mobile Gaming

The Walking Dead: Survivors brings a new event called "Survival Kit Challenge"


Game Studio Elex announced a new social media event for the Walking Dead community with one of the top prizes being an Apple iPhone 12 (256 GB)

The online campaign is called "Survival Kit Challenge" and that goes along with the #SurvivalKitChallenge on Twitter. Where fans were asked to bring some creative ideas to life by personalizing their own survival kit to prepare for a real-life apocalyptic situation.

To participate in this "Survival Kit Challenge", open your Twitter and list down what goes in your personal survival kit while also providing a brief explanation about why and what made you choose the items in your list. You can be witty, funny, creative and choose whatever reason that works best for you there are no limitations.

Though in order to be eligible for the challenge don't forget to add the hashtag "#SurvivalKitChallenge on your social media while also following and tagging the account "@TWD_Survivors", the official account of "The Walking Dead: Survivors." And the prizes will be divided as such that the most creative answer will be rewarded with the top prize while the ones with the maximum amount of retweets will receive rewards accordingly.

The top rewards include an iPhone 12 (256 GB), a Mini Rick Figurine and some in-game redeem code worth $100 for the most creative entry.

While the runner-up prizes for the maximum amount of retweets include a Professional Survival Kit, The Walking Dead themed clothing and also an in-game redeem code.

The Survival Kit Challenge ends on 27th May, so you've yourself a few days of time to think and act on it. The winners will be announced on the official "The Walking Dead: Survivors" website on 3rd June

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