Thu, 20 May 2021Mobile Gaming

The Longest Road on Earth launch delayed for a week


The Longest Road on Earth has been delayed due to avoid compaction according to the publisher Raw Fury, the new release date is said to be 27th May.

This is a narrative based adventure game which features around four short stories that focuses on normal lives of random people. Each of this story focuses on the sanctity of life and the perceptions which defines us as human beings.

Since there are no dialogues or captions included here, the music and the sound effects in this game plays a vital part as they connect you to those stories and empathize with the character, allowing you to create your versions from them.

The Longest Road on Earth is precisely simple, elegant and easily accessible game. Developers only had the narrative to take you through a beautiful journey of life and needed no distractions, nor a challenge to go through these stories hence the lack of text or dialogues, just the music to soothe you through your journey with simple controls to make it a better experience for not so casual gamers.

The total length of The Longest Road on Earth is also said to be around three hours, which can be played within one sitting. 

To celebrate this upcoming launch of the game, musician Beicoli (who also wrote and performed the soundtrack for this game) will be performing a live "pre-launch" concert on Raw Fury's Official Twitch channel today. The concert kicks off at 6pm UK Time.

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