Thu, 20 May 2021Mobile Gaming

My Hero Academia Mobile - Action RPG Game is out now


My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero, an open-world action-RPG game based on an anime and manga that goes by the same name, which is now out on both Android and iOS devices as a free-to-play game, through they do contain some in-app purchases.

This game lets you control the various characters from the "My Hero Academia Anime" including All Might and Izuku "Deku" Midoriya, to take them through your journey and battles. Heros in this game are collected as trading cards and can be upgraded or powered up through training to make them more effectful in the battlefield.

Once you've collected a bunch of player cards, you can take your characters to fight as "Squads" to defeat a excessiveness of My Hero Academia villains being "Nomu" and "Shugaraki." Players can also battle against each other in the PvP mode or in the Allied Assualt co-op mode. 

Developers have also promised that along with these singe player, multiplayer options they will also be introducing new content every month including new characters to play with.

A "fun" collaboration between Funimation and Sony Pictures Television Games, My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero was revealed back in April and its said to feature a unique story based on the manga.

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