Mon, 31 May 2021

Microsoft Flight Simulator's recent patch brings down the download size to half

Microsoft Flight Simulator gets real time snowfall in new update

With this latest optimization update, Microsoft Flight Simulator's initial download size has been cut down from 170Gb to merely 83Gb, which is almost half than the previous version.

Though the patch notes don't really explain how this was made possible, but they only mentioned that "developers have performed some optimizations." That made the whole scenario possible, or maybe they might have deleted some countries that users wouldn't mind sacrificing for some extra space on their hard drives.

Patch for the Microsoft Flight Simulator also brings out some minor tweaks running the dimension of this entire game, starting from the weather system, the flights as well as the stick controls and the User Interface. Live weather data streaming from the internet will now be taking less bandwidth, while they also mentioned "improved precision of live snow coverage."

At the time of its launch, Microsoft Flight Simulator was a headache to download, as it would download a launcher that would only be booted up after the official release and then download the entire data of around 170Gb.

While after the launch, major updates were constantly added to the game, while also expanding the game's world, adding optional photogrammetry to bring up the accuracy rate. Also, multiple mods for this Flight Simulator exists are ready to download, and it's even easier and convenient now as the base installation files are divided in half.

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